MF 290

Massey Ferguson MF 290 Tractors

Massey Ferguson MF 290 is also considered as the pioneer of the agricultural field in Botswana. MF 290 is a steadfast and robust MF tractors model from the Massey Ferguson 200’s Tractor series which comes in 90HP. its huge HP makes it more impactful in Botswana’s Agriculture Fields. MF 290 is high performance, versatile rugged machine tractors model with maximum comfort for the driver tractor drivers.

MF 290 (78HP - 2WD) for sale in Botswana

MF 290’s top of the line features are given below:

  • The best option for medium-sized farming fields.
  • MF 290 is 2wd & 4wd Agriculture Tractor.
  • MF 290 Holds Upgraded powerful external Hydraulic system
  • MF 290 has huge pulling power as compared to Mf 260
  • MF 290 incorporated with Heavy-duty front axle & support
  • Multi-disc brake system with pendant paddle
Download MF 290 Tractors' Technical Specification
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