MF 240

Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors

According to the historical data, after the completion of Massey Ferguson 100 series tractors, the Massey Ferguson company officially induced the advanced upgrading version which they named Massey Ferguson 200 series.

Massey Ferguson MF 240 is also considered as the most demanding agriculture tractor in Botswana. The major cause of its demanding is its affordability, fuel consumption, and maintenance. Small-scale farmers love and prefer to buy Massey Ferguson MF 240 Model at economical cost in Botswana.

As an overview, Massey Ferguson MF 240 is a 50 HP Tractor Model that is available in 2WD and futures can be altered with 4WD as the Farmers’ requirements.

MF 240 (50HP - 2WD) for sale in Botswana

The prominent features of Massey Ferguson MF 240, 2019 Models are as follows:

  • Massey Ferguson MF 240 tractors parts are easily available in the market.
  • Affordable by Small-scale farmers
  • Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractors is Ideal, versatile, all-round tractors
  • Massey Ferguson MF 240 comes with Specialized Export Packing
Download MF 240 Tractors' Technical Specification
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